Project Collab: Organic Electronics (Dr Woon Kai Lin, University of Malaya)

Top Left: The world’s most energy efficient yellow organic light-emitting diode (OLED) made in our lab. Bottom Left: Blue OLED which is the foundation for white OLED, has efficiency almost as good as the best in the world. Right: The OLED team members in the Low Dimensional Materials Research Center at University of Malaya.

We are a group of chemists, engineers and physicists working in the field of organic electronics. Our mission is to bring organic electronics from the lab to pre- commercialisation stage. Our vision is to create a more environmentally friendly electronics at low cost and at the same time to encourage techno-entrepreneurship in Malaysia.

Our research focuses on efficiency and performance of the materials and devices. By studying the charge transport, interfacial barriers, energy levels of organic semiconducting materials, exciton confinement, exciton dissociation, synthesis of various novel organic semiconducting materials, molecular modelling and correlation between molecular structure and device properties, we hope to achieve devices with very high performance. We fabricate various devices such as organic field effect transistors, organic phototransistors, organic light emitting diode, organic photovoltaic and smart organic electronics. We also actively patent our new findings.

We are seeking collaborators with experience in organic synthesis, device modelling and integration of different devices into user-friendly products. We are also seeking industries which are interested to bring such technology into commercial world.

Dr. Woon Kai Lin:
E: [email protected] T: +603-79674287 A216, Department of Physics
Faculty of Science
50603, Kuala Lumpur
University Malaya

Dr. Woon’s Scientific Malaysian profile: http://www.
Dr. Woon’s website:

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