Issue 10 Special Feature: Thoughts from the Magazine Team

The publication of all ten issues of the Scientific Malaysian (SciMy) magazine would not have been possible without the tremendous efforts and dedication by the magazine team. In this special feature, we asked our team members to share their experiences of being part of the magazine team.

This 10th issue symbolises that if we bring together a team of passionate people with similar aspirations for our country, we can achieve what others consider the impossible. The support that we have received from our readers over the past 3 years, further strengthens our belief and worthiness in our efforts. We are now more committed than ever to continue educating the general public in science via our magazine, with the help of our growing network of Malaysian scientists globally. This journey with Scientific Malaysian has truly opened my eyes to the power of unity, passion and patriotism, in addition to the genuine friendships that I have built up along the way. I hope that other Malaysians will join us too in this journey towards a better and scientifically educated Malaysia. – Andrew Chan

To me, the publication of the 10th issue represents a large milestone in the effort of individuals who believe in the improvement of the scientific culture in Malaysia. Additionally, it foreshadows the continuation of this effort for many years to come. I have learned a great deal by being part of Scientific Malaysian, particularly learning the ways of working in a team and being part of something greater than myself. I hope to continue to work with Scientific Malaysian as one of news editors and use the opportunity to improve myself to greater heights. – Azilleo Kristo Mozihim

When a friend approached me with the idea for Scientific Malaysian, I was intrigued and excited to see what it could become. With a lot of hard work and a very dedicated team, we have reached our 10th issue! We have been privileged to be able to peek into some of the great minds in our scientific community and share their thoughts with our readers. This in turn provides us with the opportunity to connect with one another in this ever-growing community of scientific professionals. With this, I hope that we will continue sharing and connecting Malaysia’s finest minds through our magazine for any more issues to come. – Beatrice Chin Hui Tze

It is crucial to have a platform where scientists can connect and communicate directly. Now, thanks to Scientific Malaysian, we can enjoy discussing science with other scientists and get in touch with someone working or studying outside Malaysia. The Issue 10 that you hold today marks a significant milestone to me and our team in continuing our efforts to connect scientists from all around the world. I am fortunate to be part of an energetic team and feel honoured to work with so many outstanding personalities. I have learned a lot being part of the publicity team. I look forward to our future as we continue to strive for excellence in all that we do. – Boon Chin Tan

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made when I decided to join SciMy Editorial Board two years ago. I get to work with a bunch of extremely passionate, knowledgeable and generous team members. I have learned so much from them in terms of technical skills, language (yes, English!) and the right ethics in producing a high quality online magazine even though we were working on a voluntary basis. On a professional level, I had a chance to collaborate with a researcher whom I got to know via SciMy. May SciMy continue to grow from strength to strength as it celebrates its 10th Issue! – Hooi Ling Lee

As a contributing writer and editor, I see SciMy from two different viewpoints. Firstly, as a writer I’ve gained immense satisfaction in having my articles widely read. I feel that the initiative to publish the magazine and the research and current events it covers reveals a deep commitment and desire for progress in Malaysia’s science community. As an editor, Issue 10 signifies a wonderful milestone marking the end of our babysteps and heralding SciMy’s Coming of Age. With your help, dear readers, we’ll continue supporting the future of science communication and research in Malaysia. So do read on, and show your love with comments and suggestions! – Juliana Ariffin

Working on the Scientific Malaysian (SciMy) initiative for nearly 4 years has really opened my eyes on the seemingly endless possibilities of scientific journalism in Malaysia. There has been a constant flow of article contributors, interviews with academicians or industrial players, volunteers who wish to join the team and several others who have offered a helping hand that have sustained SciMy’s operations till now, all achieved through voluntary efforts without any financial support from private contributors nor taxpayers’ funding. The initiative is here to stay for as long as possible, and we will continue to improve both the quantity and quality of our magazine as well as working on various collaborative projects with the government, industrial companies and international agencies to help propel Malaysia into one of the key scientific hubs in Asia. – Wong Kah Keng

Since the first issue, Scientific Malaysian has been providing a very good avenue for Malaysian scientific researchers across the world to share current research information. I joined the editorial team before Issue 9 and I was impressed by the team work and professionalism of the Scientific Malaysian team. Issue 10 marks a new milestone for Scientific Malaysian. With the great efforts being put in by the team, I strongly believe Issue 10 will be one of the best issues of Scientific Malaysian, if not the best. – Khai Ern Lee

Before this, I have been involved in dozens of design work related to the corporate world, but my current role within the Scientific Malaysian magazine team as one of the illustrators/magazine designers has provided me with an exciting new experience of working in the scientific publication field. I hope that my work in the magazine will help our readers (especially the general public) get a better understanding of the scientific articles and at the same time, improve my ability to express my interest in science through illustrations. – Mohd. Arshad

To produce Scientific Malaysian (SciMy) Magazine (with a zero budget to date), we keep abreast with scientific literature and developments, check facts and consult with experts, liaise with authors and media partners, organising tasks among team members located on different continents, create original illustrations to convey scientific concepts, and the list goes on. All in the name of science. Sure, we learned a lot throughout the 10 issues. Above everything else, SciMy embodies unity, which I believe, is the catalyst for the betterment of society. Bak kata pepatah, “Bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh”. With your support, I hope that Malaysian science could achieve greater heights! – Valerie Soo

When Andrew approached me four years ago to write an article for the Scientific Malaysia magazine, little did I know I would end up where I am now. One article turned into a column, and eventually I became part of the vibrant SciMy team whom I now affectionately refer to as my ‘online family’. I thought long and hard about what is the biggest thing I gained from this whole whirlwind journey, and I think it is the connections I have made through Scientific Malaysian. Connections not only in the sense of ‘networking’, but also genuine, human connections with people who love the same thing as you do. I am humbled and extremely proud of our achievement pulling off 10 issues, all through sheer determination and the spirit of volunteerism, and I can’t wait for what this journey has in store for me! – Yi Ling Hwong

This is my 5th issue with Scientific Malaysian – I joined the team right before Issue 6. During my participation in the magazine production, I have improved my ability to express science through illustrations. Beginning from Issue 8, Scientific Malaysian started to express science in infographics which are eye-catching and easy to understand. I am honoured to have the opportunity to contribute my first infographic to the magazine. I hope my illustrations not only can entertain the readers but also help them better connect to the articles. – Yink Heay Kong

This article first appeared in the Scientific Malaysian Magazine Issue 10. Check out other articles in Issue 10 by downloading the PDF version for free here: Scientific Malaysian Magazine Issue 10 (PDF version)

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