Project Collab: Nutraceutical powder and beverages

: Nutraceutical powder and beverages

: Kelvin Soo (Furley Bioextracts Sdn. Bhd.)


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Furley Group of Companies started as a humble food ingredient trader comprising of two individuals. As the customer base grew, so did the demands for expertise in formulations for nutraceutical powders and beverages. To cater to this demand, Furley Bioextracts was formed in 2008. Furley Bioextracts has strong roots in the nutraceutical beverages and our fortes are in fruit juice concentrates and powder blending. With assistance from the Malaysian government, Biotech Corp awarded Furley Bioextracts the BioNexus status as recognition of Furley Bioextracts’ involvement in biotechnology. This helped Furley establish itself as a Biotechnological industry player.

Not only does Furley do formulations, we also do manufacturing and establishment of quality systems beyond that of ISO 22000 for selected food products. This is to ensure consistency and safety of food products manufactured by Furley. Furley has two manufacturing sites which segregate manufacturing based on ingredient and customer requirements, be it environmental control, to specific laboratory or testing for quality control. Our manufacturing certifications include BioNexus Status, GMP, HACCP JAS-ANZ and Traditional cGMP, making us export ready. We are also working towards ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000.

Our research and development team comprises of 6 members with a majority of the members holding postgraduate degrees. Marketing and Sales comprises of 5 members and manufacturing comprises of 25 – 50 staff. This makes Furley Bioextracts a relatively tight knit team. Having decades of experience onboard, we are the preferred premium nutraceutical house working with food industry giants, from Swiss multinationals to small medium enterprises. We constantly strive to produce innovative premium products which have set us apart from our competitors.

In short, a successful formulation is not a matter of combining ingredients from a base formulation. A variety of factors has to be considered in order to achieve commercial viability. Some important issues to be considered include supply chain management, ingredient reactions, stability, sensory, legislation and product shelf life. We have collaborations with Forestry Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) since late 2006 in the commercialization of their standardized herbal extracts. This collaboration has been given numerous awards (Geneva & ITEX), with its winning products ranging from soft serve ice-cream, beverages to cookies. Our latest milestone is the cultivation, processing and supply of mangosteen and local Malaysian herbal derivatives and extracts.

We are seeking to collaborate with institutions for the following purposes:
1) To conduct research they feel is feasible in the context of beverages or powders. We will provide assistance with commercialization of such products.
2) To standardize methods of supplying mangosteen and selected Malaysian herbs.
3) To conduct quality control processes for mangosteen and selected Malaysian herbs.
4) To conduct in-house quality control systems for manufacturing. We wish to receive product knowledge, marketable product, market exposure and recognition from the collaboration.

In return, the institute/scientist will receive:
i) Acknowledgement where deserved.
ii) Publications.
iii) Commercial prototypes.
iv) An advantageous edge in competitions for Awards e.g. Geneva or ITEX
v) An export ready product
vi) Satisfaction of consuming their research literally.

Depending on the feasibility of the end collaboration it may conclude with just a prototype (pure learning exercise) or a full commercialization process. This varies according to how the respective institution operates according to their terms and conditions. We are flexible and look forward to input from potential collaborators.

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