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APRIL 2012
Commemorative Stamps and First Day Cover of the Malaysia Antartic Research Programme
Commemorative Stamps and First Day Cover launched to highlight the achievements of the Malaysian Antarctic Research Programme (MARP). The government continued their strong support for Malaysian researchers in Antartica by making it easier to conduct research there and providing more financial support.

Nanotubes by USM Researchers
Valuable nano-composite material produced at lower cost, greater efficiency and with care to the environment. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) researchers discovered the continuous production method of carbon nanotubes.

MAY 2012
Eppendorf Asia Supports Bionexus Companies
New and improved laboratory set-up for Bionexus status companies in year 2012. Eppendorf Asia shows support to BiotechCorp in developing biotechnology and life science based companies in Malaysia. A promising and sustainable incentive program launched as Eppendorf Asia and BiotechCorp shook hands.

JUNE 2012
Universiti Malaya ranked 35th in the QS Asian University Ranking 2012

Providing tertiary education since 1949, Malaysia’s top university climbs the ladder of 500 universities in Asia achieving the best position since 2009. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) tops the list for two years in a row.

12 Tonnes of Oil Biomass Shipped to Italy
Leftovers turned into gold. In addition to being the second largest palm oil producer, Malaysia aims to be the world leader in high value green chemicals. MY Biomass Sdn. Bhd. explores the possibilities of converting palm oil biomass into industrial sugar.

JULY 2012
CREST calls out to E & E Global Investors

As the players of the E & E sector come together as CREST, RM 800 million are in store over the next decade to support R & D projects. Ten research projects to kick start this initiative and more demand on R & D to come.






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